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William Neville

Influences: Constantine Brancusi / Louis Majorelle

In 1973 I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Western Michigan University. After a gap year spent traveling, I was accepted into a MFA program at Arizona State University; this program was focused on Mesoamerican art history and sculpture. My vision of the future was teaching at the university level. After three semesters at ASU it was clear that university positions were at that time a fool’s dream. I decided to live in the world as an Artist, work for myself and get on with life…

Four Decades

Caseworks has been fabricating furniture pieces as a business for four decades. We take pride in the fact that we are furniture maker. I am always amazed by the materials we have the opportunity to work with and often humbled by their beauty. Presently I am enjoying working with my son, John Neville, you can find him We find a great synergy in this.

Maple Burl on Oak Burl Table


We believe wood is a precious and beautiful material. We always try to use it with this in mind. We attempt to source our materials locally using domestic hard woods cut and processed as near to our location as possible. However, we will at times use what are known as exotics: Sapelle, South America Rose Wood, known as Santos, and similar hardwoods at the client’s request. Still, our focus is on materials grown close to home. We believe even the most common species hold many possibilities.

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Complete our contact form, or give us a call at 919 708 2142. We design and build one-of-a-kind custom furniture; including, beds, cabinetry, benches, chairs, and tables for your home or business. Caseworks is operated by father and son duo William and John Neville. The team has produced hundreds of premium furniture pieces for over four decades.